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Natosha Edmonds
Is the CEO and Founder of Positive World-Class Consulting, LLC. She has a passion to motivate, inspire, and transform organizational cultures, as well as individual minds, in a Positive World-Class way.
Along with receiving a degree in Communications, Natosha is a Motivational Speaker, Author, Real Colors Facilitator, Diverse Strategist, Customer Service Expert, SHE Leader, Pageant Queen, Philanthropist, and Minister.
Having 8 years experience as a Senior Corporate Trainer, 15 years experience with Customer Service within the financial industry, and 25 years experience in the pageant industry, Natosha grew a strong passion for people and organizational cultures.
The Positive World-Class Consulting team is here to help with bringing value to the lives of your employees and customer service experience, by enhancing the culture within your organization.
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